We're building the future of work.

What would work look like if everyone was empowered with a synthetically intelligent assistant? What would life be like if everyone was unburdened from mundane, repetitive tasks?

Our vision is a modern workplace where everyone is enabled to reach their full potential, and where companies have access to the tools and technology to make that happen.


We’re working on bleeding-edge program synthesis technology, that got its start a decade ago and was recently awarded the 2020 most influential work in programming languages award.


We’re a small, tight knit team with stellar communication; currently remotely working from Seattle and SF.  Come build with us. See our job descriptions on Lever, or YC's work-at-a-startup. Apply there, or contact us directly below.

Saurabh Srivastava

Founder & CEO

Henele Adams

VP of Engineering

Arthur Tilley

Research Software Engineer

Corianna Jacoby

Software Engineer

Helgi Sigurbjarnarson

Research Software Engineer

Noah Hayes

Head of Product

Will Stern

Senior Software Engineer

Ellie Shang

Software Engineer


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