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Technology: Program Synthesis

We are working on bleeding-edge program synthesis technology, that got its start a decade ago and was recently awarded the 2020 most influential work in programming languages award. More about program synthesis can be found in the lectures for the conference we organized last year.


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Small tight knit team with stellar communication; currently remotely working from Seattle and SF.

Saurabh Srivastava


Before founding Synthetic Minds, Saurabh built a computational synthetic biology company called 20n which was part of YC W15, and before that got a postdoc from UC Berkeley and a PhD from UMD. 20n used program synthesis to design cells, and built a yeast that could brew acetaminophen. The company was backed by YC, DARPA, and Khosla Ventures. His PhD was on synthesizing provably correct algorithms. At Berkeley he was a Computing Innovations Fellow, and his peer-reviewed publications have close to 1000 citations. Across the two companies he has raised $7.8M in venture funding, and gotten $2M+ in contracts from customers. He started building Synthetic Minds in 2018 and it is his 2nd YC company.

Henele Adams

VP Engineering

Henele joined Synthetic Minds after ten years at Google. His first five years were spent working on core search ranking (impacting most search results), while the last five were in research (working on NLP projects and adding extra smarts to Gboard). In between tours, he was the first engineering hire at Parse (acquired by Facebook, YC S11). Prior to moving out west, he worked at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute working on projects ranging from landmine clearance training systems to localization systems (non-GPS) for autonomous vehicles. He developed his initial appreciation for good software development practices while working on large autonomous unmanned air vehicles. He remains rather disappointed that code is still mostly made by meat. When not trying to remedy that, he likes taking long walks in the backcountry.

Arthur Tilley

Research Software Engineer

Arthur comes to Synthetic Minds after spending two years as a Machine Learning Software Engineer at Google where, among other roles, he was part of a small group of engineers who built Gmail's Nudging feature. Before Google, he worked briefly at a university (The Center for New Music and Audio Technology at UC Berkeley), a nonprofit (a group of researchers at the Wikimedia Foundation developing ML tools for Wikipedia editors), and a startup (LeanTaaS, Inc, focusing on hospital resource optimization). Arthur received his Ph.D from the Logic Group at the University of California at Berkeley. He enjoys interesting mathematical problems of all forms but has a soft spot for mathematical logic. When he is not thinking about how to make programs write programs, he practices Jiu Jitsu and dabbles with making music on his computer.

Corianna Jacoby

Software Engineer

Corianna joined Synthetic Minds after spending about two years at working as a Software Engineer on document analytics software at IBM. IBM was her first full-time position after receiving a BS in Computer Science from Tufts University. Corianna is excited to work on creating programs that will one day do her job for her, but while not doing that she enjoys attempting to climb small rocks and spending time on top of mountains away from technology.

Helgi Sigurbjarnarson

Research Software Engineer

Helgi got his Ph.D. from the UNSAT group and the Systems Lab at the University of Washington. His research focussed on applying formal methods to build provably correct systems, specifically, designing and building systems for automatic verification. His past projects include Yggdrasil, a framework for automatic verification of file systems; Hyperkernel, a verified OS kernel; and Nickel, a framework for designing and verifying information flow control systems. He spends his free time hiking, cooking, brewing beer, tinkering with electronics and playing the guitar.

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